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Automated Security Integrators mission is to provide the highest quality installation and service of electronic security and fire systems economically and efficiently.


ASI’s vision is to grow into a successful low voltage electronic security company, providing security / camera systems and fire alarm installation, service and sales to the Federal and State governments, Fortune 500 Companies and individual commercial entities  and thus, become a strategic security integration innovator that will catapult the industry into the future.


Safety - Hardwork - Integrity –Privacy – Professionalism - Respect – Family

Safety – We are in the life safety business; therefore, we live and breathe safety in all environments.


Hardwork – We believe that hardwork is what makes a great organization.


Integrity – We believe integrity is the heart beat of ASI.


Privacy – We understand the importance of protecting privacy rights.


Professionalism – We know that education and skills provides credibility to our clients and employees.


Respect – We respect our clients and employees by practicing the “Golden Rule.”

Family - We value families understanding that strong families make strong communities.

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